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Museum Corner


Stories and memories at museums: humanity at the heart of history

Beyond the very tangible heritage that exhibitions present, museums provide spaces that showcase people's personal stories. Meet with those who have taken a trip down memory lane in order to share their memories and knowledge with you.


For the school of the curious about life: class outings to museums

In search of learning alternatives? Museums propose some possibilities! Teachers: museum institutions are brimming with remarkable educational offerings that are sure to pique the curiosity of your students and satisfy their zest for discovery.


Rock-paper-scissors… matches! Play the discovery game of Québec museums as a family.

L’été, le temps s’étire, la vie prend un autre rythme. En famille, c’est le temps de changer d’air et de décor, d’explorer et de s’amuser! Connaissez-vous l’endroit idéal pour vivre ces moments qui déjouent la routine du quotidien? Les musées! Dans toute leur diversité...


Artist houses: when artwork is imbued with the spirit of its surroundings

Artist house museums are full of life. They tell of the inspiration and work of history-making artists of Québec. 


Meet the women pioneers of New France 

From the founding of the first hospital, discover the invaluable legacy of women pioneers.


Go back in time with Québec’s oldest homes

What a privilege to be able to visit the oldest homes of Québec, real gems of New France! A unique opportunity to let the builders inspire us with their dreams...